19 October 2004

it's over

public speaking is over. and i'm nervous about the results which will be anoounce on the last day of the public speaking finals which is on this thursday.

earlier, dr irene announced the proposal which is the best. it happens and turns out to be derrik's proposal. well, how i wish it was mine cos it will definitely help with my marks as my group's presentation for this proposal was the lowest among all 4 groups which is 7/10. oh well..

imc and mhl went really bad for me today. i didn't have much time to study. okok, blame me for procrastinating as i was more concern about my public speaking at the moment of time. i don't know what to thus i ended up creating my own history for mhl. i did it before for spm's sejarah so the pen took over my brains obviously. plus point, the questions were so tough to understand. i don't even know what is it trying to ask. with those powerful words that i seldom use, this paper definitely brought me down to an end.

as for imc..i'm not sure if i have given the examples the way she wanted them or not. i need a 10 to pass so hopefully i get something ler..

so, any ideas for new topics to write on as in the previous one on pictures? i have this sudden addict of writing something suddenly..hahadrop me your ideas ok?

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