06 October 2004

final public speaking

ok now.. public speaking for finals carries about 40 or 50%.. and i'm so dead. i did a topic on stage fright yesterday and i tried to present it in class. gosh, guess what are the feedback i got..

"you've got everything. this is a tricky topic cos you yourself have to overcome your stage fright and nervousness first of all. try to time it i think you might have exceeded the 7 minutes" -ms stella

well, of course i exceeded i think because i was blank half way and i ask her how am i going to say this... anyway..

"your topic might be a bit boring cos it is informative" - elaine..

i love you elaine for telling me. no one told me what it is also.. i myself thought of doing something else also but nothing came up my mind yet so i stick with it first. you are the first who gave me such sincere comment that i felt personally myself too.. thanks a lot!!

so far the following are the topic my friends are doing that i managed to dig up from them

ming yi : teens to-die-for-logy
derrik : dating [why dates turn bad, what do to and what not to do etc]
evon : body language
charlene : victim of drunk driving [ she's persuading ppl to help this girl.. it's real case!]
nadine : procrastination
adeline : beauty is .... [i cant rmb]
amy : victims of war
allison : optimism vs pessimism
shanthini : sari
suleka : teen pregnancy..she planning to change to confidence
kelly : yoga
elaine : best things in life are free

er..this is what i can what am i going to change my topic into??? any ideas..quick quick...this is for my finals next week!!! thanks a lot!!!

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