08 October 2004

feast twenty

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?
so far, nothing yet but pn anidah and mrs simon planned my weekend for me. well, only the saturday. i'm to go to general hospital for the khidmat hospital with pn anidah and mrs simon wanted me to be at the desa pandan kompleks komuniti wanita to help to sel rojak or sumthing imagine two places at one time..haha

Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone?
last person? lemme think. hmm, my mom. i called her to tell her to inform my dad to pick me up from the tasik selatan station as i'm about to reach.

Name a hobby that you've tried but eventually gave up for some reason.
hobby that i eventually gave up huh?well, i gave up almost all sorts of hoobies and eventually take it up again when i got nothing to do. drop, pick up, drop, pick up...well practically that's my hobby life.

Main Course
What is the most important personality quality in a mate?
he better be trusted..i hate ppl who are dishonest and backstabbers. hmm, loyal..if not..down u go..nothing long as i'm the only person he thinks of. haha...
Why is the sky blue (be creative with your answer)?
it is blue becoz it is not of other colours. imagine having red skies which makes your day angry. green skies which makes your day a little too dark, yellow skies a little too bright, orange skies, yucks. purple skies are a little no-no. so it seems like blue is the perfect colour after much consideration from mother nature. now when you look into the skies, you find it so sweet, so calming, so nice...true or not?

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