05 October 2004

done with photoshop!!

i'm so happy!! i'm done with my photoshop assignment at last!! but i haven't save it into jpeg yet..darn malas..who knows i might make some adjustment in college later. so i'll let you see what i have done ok or not? later lar sure won't believe that i did everything using a blank white canvas..hehehe...gosh..

second thing to worry about. later have ps [presentation skills class] die ler...i haven't prepare my finals speech yet and i have to present it.. i don't even know what topic to talk on. any idea out there? well, all i have to do is to present a speech inclusive of a powerpoint presentation. i am toeither inform, persuade or entertain my audience. and my audience is not calang-calang orang wan ar. they are the ones who wouls be affecting my marks, so i need a topic that i can make them listen to what i am saying.. faster tell me your ideas if you have one now..or maybe if you have two or more..tell me ok? in need very much...thanks a ya lots!!!


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