24 October 2004


ok. greeting from me after one night of not being able to log in because i wasn't around. yes, i was over at kelly's after a night at atmos. yes, u didn't read wrongly. it is indeed atmosphere. my first time clubbing. it wasn't as bad as it sounds. because it was GREAT!

went with my classmates - kelly, elaine, grace, sharon, sherina, derrik, matthew,evelyn, evon and her boyfriend adrian and his friends anthony and darren. adrian helped us a lot as he used to be working as a bartender there. so things weren't complicated when you happen to know people it seems. well, there was a guest dj there [it seems to be dj jungle jerry], that's why it was tougher to get in as we weren't on his guest list of course.

my first step is in the cop on the hand. kelly said that the cop is of transparent ink or rather only to be seen under uv light. 2nd step- the entrance ..gosh..people everywhere. music way up loud. once settle down at this cozy corner with curtains for us, the two bottles of black label made their entrance. that's when everyone started drinking and right after that we started dancing.

first, was next to the curtains. then we walked two steps further in front of the curtains dancing.and lastly, all of us were at the dance floor.. yeah!!!! gosh..all of us were great though i myself don't even know how to dance but it seems like we all don't know as well. so the i-dunno group dance pretty well! but sherina who was one of us looks as if she was possessed or on trance she started dancing real hot!! she even turned out of our circle and danced with the other guy behind us. she was great!!

oh ya..went in at 12am..and so we left when it is closing time. haha.. then we lepak a while, and headed for the mamak stall. not many of us though only a handful [evon, adrian, anthony, darren, kelly, elaine, grace, derrik and me] derrik couldn't drive so elaine drove his car to kelly's place where we girls crashed in. evon went withher boyfriend and friends.

back in kelly's - it was 5am when we reached. derrik got the bed of course while the four of us slept on the mattresses on the floor. there goes one night!! it was just so great that plain words just can't describe it!!

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