29 September 2004


yikes!! this shucks man!! i can't believe i am that boring. i was practically hinting to my dad on digicam since i wanted one..but then he told me to use his. now, now, now..there's no way i am able to use his digicam except for weekends. this is because he uses it to take his passport pictures and whatever pictures at the shop..and i really want a digicam to capture my speical moments that i might not even able to recall or anything!! and that digicam better has a rotating lens!!!!

haha...this is for not being able to change a new handphone... yupz..i'm not allowed to change my phone when my current one is still breathing..yes i mean breathing though i said i would settle the payments..boy did i kena kau-kau..that's why i dare not ask for stuff have to cross my fingers and pray that either my dad kena lottery or i won some prizes for some contents....hahaha

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