14 September 2004

proposal done!

these few days had been a very busy day for the entire class of group 2. everyone rushing to do their proposal that needs to be presented to dr irene, the mass comm club advisors. ms stella made us to this in front of her as a part of our assignment plus to come out with an event or sumthing for the mass comm club.

my group got the lowest marks for presentation which is 7 while 2 groups secured an 8 and another one 8.5. well, i can't blame everything on my group members though or others. just that 2 of my members are pretty shy but they did their best. i respect them a lot. they volunteered to present besides cheneille as well. sharon did the powerpoint slides while i did the proposal. haha..well, we made a good team work though.. so now i'm practically crossing my fingers in hope that dr irene and ms lean would choose my group's proposal and that way we'll straight secure a 10 point..but competition is tough here cos we are competiting against groups for the sem 2 group 1 and the march intake. well, 7 isnt that bad after all. bad thing is that if our proposal ever gets chosen, we have to do it the following year..haha..that's the worst part of it..

okie dokie.. proposal done now mhl's turn to get the limelight. aiyoh, tomorrow have to hand in the intro for this assignment but i just don't know what to mention about for the intro. what can you talk about when your topic is on 'printing presses and publications act 1984' ..not to say that there is nothing to put in. only that the intro will be so darn short with only about 3 lines..and that doesn't sound or look like an intro to me but rather a copy and paste version from the reading... aih...cheneille can't do cos her comp is under repair [she claimed that it is a living hell without the comp and it is going tobe for about 1 motnh], derrik is invisible..i dunno what happen to him while nazia is left me lor..hahaha..

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