23 September 2004

power of photoshop

now now now..getting bored entries got no pictures or images since everyone is crazy over photoshop..i'll put up things that i have done with photoshop.. only saved a few in my thumbdrive..most of it is at the college goes...

okok..this reminds me of one of those bathroom doors or it is windows? anyway, i created this using photoshop. whatcha think?

another is suppose to be a water texture..but it looks more like some thick liquid texture..some chemical like stuff..hehe...what can i say..also created using photshop..and mind you both of this pictures are created using a blank document..

this is the before picture with lots of stuff which i wanted to take away, replace or put into.

now, now, now...whatcha think of this? the after effect of the picture above. with clouds..change of colour saturation[ the stripes are more red], change of colour [that orange thingy is green now] and that yellow boat at the is gone!! hahahaa...magic!!!

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