05 September 2004

organising nite

venue : dunia ria kindergarten
time : 8.00pm

went for the organising nite and had the election of the BOD for the new leo club of kl capital unity.. yes, that's what we are called. yi yang got the post as president! congrats and as for me i got to be a director.. haha..nothing much happen besides the election of 13 ppl out of the 15 who are present there today.

well, this whole week til the 12 is going to be one busy week for all of us because on the 12 would be the induction and the installation ceremony of our club! everyone is going to be very busy especially does doing the backdrop, invitation and stuff..

the meeting ended at about 11pm and then yung yee was hungry so yang drove us [ yung yee, tim and me] to eat lor..ended up at the mamak stall at taynton. then yi ting [yi yang's bro] called later and he came and joined us. reached home at about 12.30am after dropping everyone..haha..

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