15 September 2004

impromptu speech

had an impromptu speech this morning for ps class which i sucked! aih, dunno why i just can't speak suddenly. ran out of words. my topic that i got was on 'coffee' gosh..and i dunno anything about coffee!! i'm the worst one there lar. luckily this is not given marks or else..i'll be the lowest...sob sob sob..

today john couldn't fetch us cos he had to send his dad to the hospital. gosh, cheneille came to my houseand we started calling for cabs but none seemed to be heading to where we want to go to. so called derrik and he told us to meet him at the sri petaling lrt station. then surprisingingly a cab stop in front of my house. my dad was rather angry when he found out he had to fetch us to the lrt station til the cab appeared.haha..gosh..from my house to lrt station costs us rm6.80...morning robbery..

thne after class at 1pm, stayed back to finish up the progress report for mhl before we decided to leave for subang. called william to see if he is there so that there is someone to fetched us home. i'm that bad right? and thank god he was there. hehad his exams til 3.30pm...our saviour lar...serious!

then i came back, took my bath ended up at about 5pm i think. i was watching tv as i remembered at about 5.45pm and i actually fell asleep and woke up at 8pm!! gosh..and now i can't sleep!! dunno why was i so tired that i slept for so it was raining, the skies were dark and i thought i slept through the night only to realise that it was only 8pm!! die le..tonight sure jadi hantu again wan...

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