25 September 2004

i am blinking sick!!

it all started off yesterday when i just had a slight cough. i was surprised as i never had a cough and it was slightly worst than i expected. i know i was going to get sick soon..but then i told myself.."nah, it might just be a slight'll be fine"

well, true enough i was fine throughout the night, but when i woke up this morning..gosh, my head was aching, my throat was aching, my eyes were aching..i felt my forehead and ouch!! it was hot..i told myself that it can't be cos my hands might be cold that's why i feel the heat of my forehead.

boy was i wrong. mum said i am heaty..luckily no fever yet til now. and guess what..i have been eating like somebody who isn't sick..what more a little more than usual.

breakfast - dragon fruit, a cup of milo and yoghurt..
lunch - chicken floss noodle and a bit of this and that
dinner - fish n' chips, a bit of fried noodle, a bit of yong chow fried rice...haha..and i drank soursop juice..

now now now, with this appetite today, no one knows i was sick..not even my dad!! after i came home from dinner, i was surprise that the heat went away from my forehead and my neck and my body..but the achings from the head [ gosh, for once i think i had brain freeze], and eyes and throat has decided to stay for good..

i don't know whether i can even get down from my bed or not because tomorrow is that blood donation campaign at 1-utama.. and i was so sure i am going to donate as my first time too...but then my hopes went down the drain..i can't donate when i'm sick..cos i'll get even sick..right? aih...well, let's just hope i feel better to walk around 1-utama to hand out flyers and stuff... oh will be held opposite marks and spencer from 11am to there ok??

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