24 September 2004

feast eighteen

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how attractive do you think you are?
attrativeness? tough one...i'll give myself a 10.5..haha..attractive in another way..not the one that you are thinking right now..and i'm not telling you what.

What local restaurant would you recommend to a visitor to your town or city?
local restaurant?hmm...tough one cos i just follow the family wherever they wanna eat.. but then i just missed the balakong 'pan mee'. i tell you..if you ever go there.. just go in your shortest pants and sleeveless shirt..cos you'll be sweating like crazy!!!

What's a lesson you had to learn the hard way?
lesson huh? ain't easy..there is always a catch to everything and a barrier..

Main Course
Name something in your life that you feel you can depend on 100%.
myself..i can't be depending on my parents and friends for life.. computer also can't cos eventually it will spoil right?

If you could see the front page of a newspaper from September 24, 2104, what would you imagine the headline might be? old would i be by then? gosh..118 years old? then i'll be grazing the front page as the longest living woman though i believe someone elses would have lived longer than me..well, better than nothing..for self-satisfaction..hahaha..

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