24 September 2004


was suppose to meet up with jeewa today but then he had togo to johor as his mum's friend is sick with cancer sumthing like that and he had to fetch her there. and so..being bored.. i worked on my the meantime doing that assignment [table setting]..i tried to refresh on this..

okie dokie...the above is the original picture of the egret. i didn't attach the dry grass and the foxtail..

the above is the after effect of the original picture. selected the background and put water colour effect to it. i later extract the dry grass and the foxtail from two separate files. opacity and image size has been adjusted. lastly, in order to get the white border, flatten the image, draw a rectangle using the rectangle marquee tool, and apply the vignette effect...walah..there goes the white border.. the rectangle marquee tool is to tell the vignette effect how much do you want to cover from the picture...

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