29 September 2004

biggest achievement in life!!

my biggest achievement in life..i found it out yesterday but i forgot to pen it down until today cos i suddenly just remembered that it is indeed the biggest achievement in my life..yes my life..cos maybe to you is a little nothing but to me it is a big something...but a bit darn paiseh to tell..anyway, this is what blog is tell and to bare everything .. is me being able to swallow pills in a whole..and i mean big big ones..capsules, pills.. it is included lar.. that is one reason why i hated going to clinics and why i tried never to fall sick. and yes, this is the reason. the fear of eating pills.

i once ate panadol when i got sick during the holiday. i swallowed the whole panadol and it was only 1 and drank god knows how many glasses of water and in less than 5 seconds, i threw up. the next thing you know, i cured the very next day. no more fever, no more flu, no more anything. but unfortunately it doesn't work this time. i was so scared to swallowed my first panadol again after that incident [ i threw up as if i got diarrhoea] , i actually crushed the panadol into pieces and i mean tiny, tiny pieces before putting into my mouth.

until the panadol proved useless to cure my sickness that i had no choice but to leave it into the hands of the experts. and as expected the pills came pouring in. the fever pills are as big as 1/3 of my pinky, same goes for the antibiotic capsule, the cough and flu pills are as tiny as ever. as small as those days when we used to buy flags that come with those colourful chocolates at the handle..yes, it is as small as that. haha...

it all happen yesterday night when i got too lazy to crushed that 'huge' fever pill that i decided to pop the whole thing in. eventually it went in. so does the capsule. i thought i was just lucky and i tried it again today as well. 3 times today and everything went straight into the tummy. each time drinking less and less amount of water of someone give me a certificate to certify that i have overcome my fear of eating pills!!!

darn proud!! wait..i'll make sure i take pictures of my pills when i got a chance..with one condition, i haven't finish eating them of course!!!

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