16 August 2004

what is happening?

what is happening to me
i can't believe myself
i thought it was just a dream
but then it was otherwise

how did it happen?
why did it happen?
where did it happen?
who made it happen?

questions, questions, questions
nothing more than that
coz i can't believe it took place
right before my eyes

no longer lifting my head
up towards the sky
i looked down in pain
what more in shame

i can't bear it anymore
i told my baby about it
though i don't plan to tell anyone
he was surprised and shocked

he didn't ignore me
as i thought he would
but instead he comfort me
and told me to put it aside

"forget what happened,
forget the past,
cherish today,
and look forward to our future"

i can't never forget his words
i wish i could hold him now
to tell him how grateful i am
to have a understanding baby like him.

1 comment:

Asi said...

nice poem.. hope all sorts out for u.. just passing by, like the blog :) tk cr..


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