31 August 2004

wayne's place

refering to yesterday 30th august and early morning of 31st august

wayne came to fetch me to his place for a small party. he went to get his friend terrence as well. went there, terrence kept asking me whether the bbq-ed sausages and stuff were cook or not.funny fella la point, he dances to michael jackson's moves really well.[he did a performance on silver jubilee] wayne was pretty upset when the friends he was expecting din turn up.but instead, they told him that they would want to meet up with him later that night. boy was he pissed.

sidney was obviously conclusion yet after much talking in private. anyway, back to talking about hot wayne. he's a really nice person in character wise. funny, socialble [ til some others mistook him for a player, so sad]..practically everything..what more sarcastic lar..i always tot that he is fierce only to find out he is not.. that fella one joker lar.

it turns out to be wayne's birthday as well [today the 31st] i din know til rekha, his friend brought out a cake for a surprise. darn paiseh man.haha. so after cleaning up and stuff, they headed to waikiki. i had to follow lar cos he's fetching me back mah. so went for a while lor..about 30 mins or so i think.come on lar..reach there at 3am in the morning what to expect lar. but there was like still so many people wide awake and half the world are busy sleeping and dreaming away in la-la land.

wayne did told me and terrence about rekha back at home earlier. obviously i felt darn jealous lar at waikiki cos they were together mah. normal lar..over one hot guy mah. i cant help it wan lar.if only i had a camera with me, i would have took his picture and showed all of you lar. then you'll know how hot he is. we went off earlier because gary is really drunk from wayne's place obviously and that was why we were only at waikiki for about 30 mins to 1 hour only.

on the way back, wayne kept apologizing to me non stop and that he insisted that i come to his house today afternoon for lunch. i know i couldn't. he asked me earlier on the way there and i told him i couldn't and he was fine with it. but on the way back, he asked again cos he felt bad for what happened though i told him i was fine and that i was ok over what happened because it was unexpected. so, i just told him that i'll try my best to make it to his place today afternoon lor.

anyway, just called him earlier and told him that i couldn't make it.he sounded disappointed though. sorry for not making it to your place.i'm so sorry.miss ya lots and thanks for yesterday or rather today..or whatever lar

ok, change story. when i came back from waikiki after my bath and stuff at about 4.30am, i missed call william. he missed call me back this morning at about 10.30am when i was personally hoping to get a missed call from him as well. started off messaging a while lar. missing him darn a lot lar. i told him i felt like seeing him. and guessed what he said.. he said that he'll get me a toy so that i can see and hug it everyday when i feel like seeing him. haha...another one. i told him no to be jealous if i sayang the toy so much...hahaha..definitely missing him..


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