02 August 2004


okokok, here's melissa's update for the weekend.

31st july 2004

went to hq to help out for the first aid camp [pc camp] but then i ended up joining my juniors to listen throughout the day. nothing much happen.but practically eat and sit and eat and sit. well, i can't believe i have nothing to write for this day.. can't say much cos practically sit and eat and sit and eat..hahahah..oh ya, i went kissing dummies..hehehe

1st august 2004

2nd day of camp which is also the last day. like yesterday all of them sit and eat again. but today got practical test and the theory test so many of them didn't have their good night sleep. the most was they stayed up until 2am i think to study..not only them i also slept around that time. what a waste i can't sit for the test because i wasn't counted as a participant [ well, i was actually called to look after them that's why].. so i wont be getting a cert at all... so ended up not taking the test..see lar maybe next year or when the time comes for me to take i' in a way, i'm an illegal first aider..hahaha.....


started of with a cup of nescafe.. and luckily i did or else i'll be dozing off during class cos of the 2 nights of sleeping at about 2 something. imc class was fine. icg class ..started on photoshop today.. mhl usual..crapping mr kumar..hahaha..funny fella. he even delayed our assignment due date from tomorrow to thursday.. so nice of him.. and for ps class..i found the speeches needed. dr mahathir's melayu mudah lupa [eng version], abraham lincoln's gettysburg address and martin luther's i have a dream.tomorrow's ps class is on speeches , that's why.

oh well, having your ex with your classmate is a little hard to take for me though we broke of when i was in f4. well, i am still fond of him. what more he drives me to college. what more again, nowadays he fetches his girl back to his house as well and fetches her to college from main campus.. lagi lar..aiseh.. nvm lar.. but before leaving college today, i think some misunderstanding happened between them that he looked pissed. so ming suggested that we go to college ourselves tomorrow. i'm fine with them. and suddenly something struck my mind. i could ask wayne for help..hehehe.. sidney told me that if i have any problems i can go to wayne, well with one condition lar - if he hasn't leave for overseas also lar..aiseh..but sidney was ahead of me that he ask his bro on my behalf. wayne's class is at 9 and mine is at 8. i asked him if it is ok with him or not because i feel bad making him wake up earlier because of me. i not only asked once but i asked a few times..and he said he'll come about 7. well, let's just hope that we make it in time then. haha....

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