16 August 2004

things begin to settle in

ok, remember i was really upset previously? well, i sorta ask jeewa all those what if question [in a way it relates to my case of course] and i eventually sort of told him a bit. he is another comforting guy. stays up with me throughout the nights until i log off the net. he even plans to marry me and have our kids - 2 of them. hahaha. it seems like he has our future planned in his hands. sadly, tomorrow he won't be able to online already for a week or two because he'll be in penang to help in his uncle's business for the moment. definitely going to miss him chatting with me. =p

okok, today starts my exam. boy, my papers are on alternate days. today was intro to comp graphics [icg], wednesday- issues in media contents [imc] and media history and law [mhl] while friday is presentation skills [ps]. icg was okay. not that tough because instructions were given out so clearly. but unfortunately, some of my classmates still have some tough time doing it. everything i did, can but everything they do, cannot though we both use the same way. surprising huh?

oh boy, how i miss hugs and kisses... oopps.. shouldn't be saying this kinda stuff here. but that is what i am feeling now... hehe...

anyway, later have to really sleep, then study..cos wednesday's papers ain't easy to socre i think..especially mhl's tricky names of newspapers and stuff and imc's examples which mainly involves currents issues..campaigns as well.. and i do not know anything about it!!!

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