20 August 2004

shopping fun

exams are gone for the moment!! today's paper at 8.30. ended at 9.30. simple paper and i thought it was hard. a paragraph of phonetic symbols and a point form essay.easy rite? so after the paper, kelly decided to go to mid valley and she called sharon, cheneille and me along..

once there, cheneille headed for mph - her second home in a way. so the rest of us went shopping cos sharon wanted to buy a top. we went into several shops but then she just couldn't seem to find what she wanted. took a drink at dome before heading to the nail studio. and let me tell you, this is the FIRST time i enter a nail studio and have a manicure done. i gotten a glossy pink, sharon - glossy purple and kelly - glossy flesh colour. but unfortunately, few hours later, i damaged two of my pink coloured nails due to a metal button and a zipper. how sad could that be? sob sob.. my first manicure and it got damaged. aih..

but all in all, it is indeed a fun day out with sharon and kelly. kelly was like picking clothes of the rack for me to try for no apparent reason. sharon also experienced the same thing. haha...well, hope to go out with them again sometime!!!

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