04 August 2004


some misunderstanding or whatever is it happened betweein ming and nadine. i don't know if john is included as well or not. though i am a little reluctant to let john go away from my mind, but what is done is done. i can't be clinging on back to him like that anymore because right now we are the best of friends. i should instead be right by his side supporting him with everything he needs. he thought that i also am angry with nadine and him when i myself don't even know what is happening actually. it is because i'm more closer to ming doesn't mean that i have to know everything right? that's why lar.. ai, i don't know how to explain.

i personally haven't say a word at all. elaine said that it could have been indhuja who thought we were backstabbing nadine and john because we were talking in cantonese at the time about john and all elaine asked me was what happen to john. indhuja, indhuja..i seriously have to let you know that, WE ARE NOT BACKSTABBING THEM ok? don't think you know a little of cantonese means you practically know what we are talking about. look what a mess you have created. do you know the effects of ming and my relationship with john compared to you and nadine with him? you practically ruined our years of friendship just because of nadine's relationship with him for less than 2 weeks. how could you do this to us??? f*ck

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