13 August 2004

lost...i'm lost..

i HATE you! i HATE you! i HATE you! i seriously can't believe that you did that on me. i feel so tormented. you took away the only thing i ever have in me. i trusted you as a friend and you blew the big time off me. you made me lose trust in you. you made me lose trust in everyone. i know that i can't do anything much already after all of this. and i have to live with it. come to think of it. i'm a bit of the conservative side and now this? i really can't take it anymore. it keeps playing in my head like a 24/7 play. what am i going to do now? what am i going to say if someone tends to ask? how am i going to continue like there is nothing happening in life when there is this black dot in my life? i can't go on anymore like this. it hurts so much. both physically and emotionally. but more to emotionally hurt. soembody get me out of this!! i already feel like it is the end of the world for me. don't ask me why. don't ask me what happen. and even if you know. just keep it to yourself. i don't want to say anything more. i don't even want to recall but can i do it? the question is can i or can i not do it?

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