29 August 2004

happy and sad

okie dokie ppl...

august 28 - i'm refering to yesterday cos i just came back.

nothing much happened. went to church at 5pm for silver jubilee. plus the dinner there for about 133 tables and that is a lot of people let me tell you. i saw glen and gary, wayne and his parents, joy, terrence, matthew de costa, johanes, alan..oh ya, david and michael..oh well, practically all my machas..hehehe

left at 10.30pm and made my way to mingyi's house for the minda ceria gathering which she invited me to come. was there a while before they decided to head for maideen for a drink. about 6 of them went back if not mistaken. so the balance who went for the drink are ming yi, ming yew, taw jin, seth, weng fai, sian li, yu wei, william and me. later on raja joined us as well... i believe we are the most noisiest table there but luckily we were sitting outside at the corner so it wasn't that distracting enough. i bumped into alvin. he's already in tbs doing is degree. i bumped into yi kang, mun fai and jun-yu as well. only to realise just as i was about to leave weng keet and jason were there. what a waste lar. didn't get to speak to weng keet and jason.nvm, i believe there are still other days to come.

all of us left there at about 1.15am.. mind you we were there for like almost 2 hours. william dropped ming yi and seth back to her place because seth's car was there. and so i kept william talking to me outside my house til about 2.30am when those polis ronda came and asked what we were doing..haha, what a joke. made up a nice story lar. told them he was sending me home cos the car was parked in front of my house what. so then after that we both went back lar.

what can i say, i'm still fond of him lar. i can't help it.after all this years, i still have that soft spot. he's just very comforting. he's one person who really looks after me though we are not an item as most of the people thought we were. he's just there when i need someone to talk to though at times i didn't want to say anything. but then, i couldn't take it anymore that i told everything yesterday. i was shaking throughout the whole conversation. he sensed that i was scared and he held me tight telling me not to worry and that he's there to help and listen to me. i couldn't help but cry but i tried not to.having someone who cares for you so much and you can have him is a very sad thing. maybe the time is just not there yet.

anyway, thanks a lot and sorry for what happened...

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