11 August 2004

everything has its first

1. 1st school you attended:
tadika starlet at shah alam

2. 1st friend you had when you entered school:
lots..roderick, kel wynn, andrew ong and ding, mun choon, cindy..etc..

3. 1st ambition:
air-stewardess and it is still my ambition

4. 1st award you received:
award? canning ar?

5. 1st hero:
no idea..

6. 1st time you were sent to the principal for
disciplinary actions:
sent to the principal? i walked myself there to discuss stuff for the joint gathering last year

7. 1st time you failed in school:
oh gosh..sejarah..form 4 i think

8. 1st college entrance exam you took:
no need to take cos they love me so much that they took me in

9. 1st teacher in college:
miss wong!

10. 1st job:
at dad's shop? or the part time ice cream seller?

11. 1st goal you achieved:
didn't fail any subject in spm

12. 1st crush:
std 6 i think

13. 1st person who gave you flowers:
no idea

14. 1st date:
somewhere in 2000 before my birthday

15. 1st boyfriend / girlfriend:
not telling ya

16. 1st kiss with your bf/gf:
got the kiss but he's not bf..sad huh

17. 1st movie you watched with your bf / gf :
gosh, i cant rmb..

18. 1st fight with your bf / gf :
we dun fight..

19. 1st break-up:
dun wanna tell

20. 1st time you cheated on your bf / gf:
me cheat? i dun cheat on them

21. 1st gift you received from your bf / gf:
a bracelet..and it is still in my save keeping

22. 1st gift you gave to your bf / gf:
not that i rmb..haha

23. 1st record you bought:
westlife i think

24. 1st song you sang in front of many people:
i always embarass myself in front of ppl

25. 1st musical instrument you learned to play:
i played the piano in std2..followed by the recorder the government forced us to and lastly the guitar

26. 1st concert you watched:
my concert...

27. 1st celebrity you saw in person:
ida nerina..she was having yong tau foo with the next table of course

28. 1st TV show you really liked:

29. 1st book you bought:
my first book? abc and 123

30. 1st sport you played:
does police and thief counts? run like hell man

31. 1st sleepover:
nv had one except for camps

32. 1st terrible fight:
how do you consider a terrible fight? i fight verbally only

33. 1st prank:
i received one prank call..asking me if i wanted to be f*cked..gosh..

35. 1st party you attended:
my party i think

36. 1st time you entered a bar:
oh in with friends..

38. 1st wedding you attended:
a relative's

39. 1st person who greeted you on your last

40. 1st friend in friendster:
not that i rmb

41. 1st time you got lost:
me lost? i rmb places well enough

42. 1st cellphone:
ericsson t10 [it was suppose to be mom's but she doesnt use it often]

43. 1st cellphone ringtone:
those normal *ring ring* *ring ring*

44. 1st collection:
those has to be stickers!! and i'm still into it..

45. 1st time you felt proud of yourself:

46. 1st sms you got today?
no sms for me today..sad case..

47. 1st person who you're thinking of when you're
sharman? jeewa? rey? william? mom? dunno lar..

48. 1st person who made you sad?
normal lar.sisterly fight..sure got one person end up crying

49. 1st thing you do when you come online?
log on to msn

50.1st person who greetied you when you online?
today..sweet sharman!!

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