23 August 2004

do you know melissa?

a name which is common,
among most of the girls,
in this huge big world.

but do you know,
enough of melissa?
how well do you know then?
bad? average? good? or excellent?

as far as i'm concern,
melissa is a keeper,
she keeps everything inside,
not wanting to let you know.

have you not notice it yet?
she's always happy,
eventhough she is not,
she never shows her colours.

but when she is down,
she heads for the pillow,
and cry her heart out,
till her eyes hurt.

what can i say more?
she doesn't want people,
to be worried about her,
when they got other things themselves.

she'll be there whenever she can,
seldom you hear her say no,
unless she cannot do it,
am i right or am i wrong?

besides her pillow,
her other friend would be the mirror,
and also her blog,
and nothing else i think.

these are the 3 'friends',
who knows her inside out,
who is with her through thick and thin,
and whenever she needs them.

though having a common name,
she isn't common among them,
she's loud so that you won't,
notice her sadness.

it's up to you,
to believe it or not,
try asking her about it,
and there's a line she would say.

"don't worry.i'm fine",
or something similar,
is what you will get,
seek and you shall find.

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