28 August 2004

bbq nite

function: semester 2 group 2 bbq nite
venue: my place apartments, subang jaya [opposite taylor's college main campus]
date: 27 august 2004
time: 7.00pm onwards
fee: rm 10
*only to group 2 of sem 2..unless you are invited..or else..get lost!!

one hell of a time during the was great. chicken, balls [ not those 'balls' mind you], sausages, fish, corn..gosh..a whole load of food!! practically, food is the #1 thing you'll find in most of the minds of the group 2 or maybe holiday..

as we [ derrik,sharon,sherina and me] finished bbq-ing all the food, derrik and i crept back to indhuja's aprtmt and took out 3 pails filled with water balloons to a corner where no one actually saw us. but unfortunately allison, elaine and mathew were strolling at that time.. so ended up we all started the BALLOON WAR!!!

with half of the 3 pails gone, derrik brought out the pails from its hiding and decided to give those that hasn't had a chance yet to water someone with it. charlene told me her plan of throwing derrik into the pool but she needs help from me and i told her to gather the rest so that we actually have the strength to push derrik down.

i managed to get derrik nearer to the pool. he did doubt that i was about to push him in and inch further. well, so i asked him several questions and then the rest of the world charged right through. derrik turned to run. but john was behind. john was shocked to see everyone running towards him only to know that all of us are after derrik. he helped in of course. well, he's definitely strong enough to hold derrik. charlene got derrik's left or is it the right foot and down the pool derrik went. what more, mathew fell in as well... hahaha

as we were cleaning, shocking news from adeline came. she was shouting and crying. according to the person on the other end of the line [ she was on the phone and the other person was believed to be her sister] called and told her that her mom passed away. everyone was shocked. immediately derrik fetched her home with amy and sharon following as well. all of us cant do much but just sit and ponder about. what more i told them that a few of us saw her mom the day before when we went shopping for groceries.

about 30 minutes later after dropping adeline back, mathew received a call from adeline expressing her apologies. she told him that it wasn't her mother but instead was her grandmother. there was a miscommunication from her sister. thank god..well, i'm not trying to curse or what but i just do not want adeline to feel that she did sumthing wrong by attending the bbq because she was suppose to be in kuantan that day itself. it was such a relief for all of us that day.

well, nothing much then. that was all the happened. john fetched me back and i reached home at about 1plus in the morning.

phew..close escape...

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