11 July 2004


okie dokie..long time since i updated news for you peeps to read rite? now now now..where do i start.. gosh, i had been on the phone with this friend so often that i think when the phone bill comes in, i'm going to be banned from using the phone because it is going to be so darn expensive...

anyway.. let's talk from the day i actually went out to some place that i have never been to [8 july 2004]

2 days before sidney is about to leave for langkawi to do this practical training at sheraton hotel. well, he actually invited me to join him and his friends for a drink that night. and guess where they took me? they brought me to waikiki bar .. darn lar..they even force me to dress in a skirt.. sidney told me that i better dress properly and it has to be a skirt ..and i was like..shit, i have not been wearing skirt for a long time so i sort karen - my old friend who is a clubbing kaki and i asked her for opinion on my current attire. she said my attire was fine..then later a i was about to leave in 10 minutes, mom came and knocked on my room door demanding to see what i have on my body..haha..and she went," you are not going there like this, here wear this there." omg..she brought out this skirt which is frilly, longer on one side.. and the blouse was a very low v-neck blouse that it reaches my bra, that was what i went in..

met up with sidney's friends glen and gary..oh ya, his brother wayne came to fetched me there. so ended up in waikiki..i assume i am the only one who felt a little uncomfortable there because i was in skirt..haha..guess, i'm going to have to wear skirts more often from now on.. and they only allowed me to down a glass of chivas which is mixed with coke .. and the rest of them are downing chivas and beer like no ones' business. well, they don't seem high to me after that drinking because they can even walk to the nearest mamak stall outside to have a drink and nasi lemak..imagine that..hahaha.. well, that was the latest i reached home which is at 4.30am...previously was when i went out with john for a movie and do his police report til 3am.. and i have to go to college that morning itself too..slept for two hours and that's here i come..

friday [9 july 2004]

nothing much happen today. i have no classes on fridays at all but sidney insisted that i join him for a movie at pyramid..watched spiderman 2 but i just have this feeling that i had already watched it before..haha..and he is the one to be blamed for dragging me out of my bed so early.. i came home and i practically slept until the next morning

saturday [10 july 2004]

woke up early again at about 9.30am cos mom has classes and needs help and i'm still trying to open my eyes ..still not enough sleep in between at about 2.30pm i think, i retired to my bed and sleep til about 4.30pm. i have to teach ju yi at 5.00pm that's why i had to wake up or else, i guessed i would have been sleeping..haha

sunday [11 july 2004]

as usual, still wanting to sleep but cant cos haveto go to church. went to church and met up with michael, joy, david, terrence, matthew lim and matthew de costa.. i went home after church because i need to get ready to go to mpo [malaysia philharmonic orchestra], yang asked me to join him along with ai wen and mervyn.. went there and it was a blast.. there were 4 symphonies..but the last one was the blast especially towards the ending.. it was their last concert for the season and some of the members are leaving due to contract purposes.. i of course felt like sleeping in between because of the lack of sleep syndrome. but luckily i did not dosed off. well, for a first timer in orchestra, i find it great!! so there is definitely going to be a next one because mervyn wanted to go for the one with soprano singers and yang is going to find out about it and we'll definitely be there again!!

and i guess this is it for the moment!!


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