07 July 2004



are my friends so unlikeable? why does she have to not like my friends? she doesn't have to tell. but i can see from the words she said and her way of saying it.. no worries it isn't my mother if you people were wondering..

if liddat means, finding someone significant is also so hard cos friends don't like mah. so what am i suppose to do? i don't want to losec friendship with both parties. i know i'm being selfish but this is how i work. i accept your friends as who they are but you instead hated or rather dislike mine. what is this? what can i do now? forget about it? in a way i can because that friend of mine who she hates is leaving for training.

just upset but not showing it..

i got a happy story to tell actually for today. but i'm already not in the mood to do so

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