05 July 2004

a to z survey

A - Age
18 yrs old and 18 days [july 2]

B - Brands usually bought:
i dunno..

C - Career in future:
tons!! pr officer, rockstar, stewardess, pilot?

D - Dancing as a career:
not bad..can consider

E - Easiest person to talk to:
my friend in the cupboard - mirror and soft toys

F - Favourite song at the moment:
i'll say..erm..suicide note by disagree!!!

G - Gum balls or gummy bears:
gummy bears

H - Hometown:
perak and kedah just across the border.. 10 minutes apart

I - Instruments:
guitar [mine's a baby taylor]..but i want to play drums and electric guitar,keyboard..etc

J - Jungle or Sea-side:
ooo..hard to choose..both!!

K - Kids:
it depends..

L - lefty or righty
as i always say, i'm a proud lefty!!

M - Meat or Vegetables :

N - Number of siblings:
2 younger sisters

O - O Town or Plus One

P - Phobia[s]:
this is tough cos i have yet to discover them yet

Q - Quantity or Quality (for anything):
quality definitely comes first

R - Reason to smile:
haha..i smile for no apparent reason..ask mua friends!

S - Song you sang last:
beautiful old was for the ps class..

T - Time you wake up:
today at 10am..darn tired..furthermore no class

U - Unknown fact about me:
how would i know my unknown self [mass commers would know that term from johari's window]

V - Vegetable you hate:
hardly any..i can't even tell the names of vegetables

W - Worst habit:
i dunno..u tell me

X - Xavier or Jean Grey:
this time..neither!

Y - Yolk or Egg WHite:
oo...yolk rox!!

Z - Zodiac:

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