04 July 2004

retyping is not my type

stupid error on ie pulak and i have to retype my whole entry again..darn!!!!

oh well, this one definitely won't be that much the same as the first one i'm sure..

went to church as usual today. got to know sidnet of course. this fella is one fella who i recently bumped into in taylor's .he's at tcht. obvious enough he didn't know who i am when i said hi and all my morning greetings to him for the whole week. haha..until today did he know who i am..and that is who we got to know each other. spend about an hour or so talking after mass. got to know that he is a nice fella. and i always thought he is those people who you don't want to mess with. haha.. anyway, he called earlier asking for my break time so that we can meet up. this is becoz he will be going to langkawi this coming saturday to do his practical at sheraton hotel for a year!!! darn.. we just got to know each other and now he has to get going. i remembered him saying,"why didn't i meet you earlier?" haha, what a joke man. i always see him since i stepped my foot into sfa. only thing that he never knew i existed of course.. pretty obvious reasons lar..

anyway, my mom got a ticket the other day. darn stupid policeman. my mom was in the car waiting for my sis to cross the pdestrian bridge and he wrote a ticket for my mom. usually, policeman would just ask to remove the car right? and what more my mom was in the car at that moment! he just stood in front of the car, took his pen and started writing away. darn pissed off man!!

today lagi lar pissed off. went all the way to mines to pay up the ticket because they have a pondok saman there.
operation hours are as follows:
mondays to fridays 4 to 8pm
saturdays to sundays 2 to 8pm

fair enough dad dropped mom and me down because we doesn't want to waste parking fee. and god enough we were a little early by about 3 minutes. so we waited. at 2pm - still no since of an officer. 2.30pm - also no sign yet. 3pm - still no sign. dad was really pissed off that he called several times asking us what took them so long to open that darn booth. well, finally 3.30pm - obvious enough still no officer in sight. dad was so pissed that he told us to get to the car. what more sis melinda has extra classes at mc today. so off we go was so angry that he even told me to lodge a complaint.. and even write in to the star paper ..gosh..what a surprise from him...

oh ya..recently took some pictures but have no idea where to host them up....

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