24 July 2004


hi again... sorry for not blogging lately. i just can't find the time to do so as i as busy with some other things though i still do online. nothing much happened lately. only that collge idol was held at lcs on wednesday and thursday. we managed to persuade indhuja to enter. and sher son came and ask for my help to find lyrics for him so that he can sing on the following day [thursday] and mind you, this fella really can sing. sher son is a guy i just met on tuesday.. haha.. he's a chinese mixed with some new zealand blood according to sidney. he's darn hunky.. haha

managed to get through ps and i scored an 8 out of 10. highest point was 10 and the lowest was 6.5. my whole class went for group 1's and march intake's ps classes too. i guess we are the only class who goes around attending other ppl's classes. and ms stella seemed to look very highly upon us asa she told them [the other classes] that we did a great job and she hoped that they could do equally as good.. .surprising.. we went to so many of their classes and we found out that ms stella's mood is always fluctuating. she's very nice in our class but she's different in the other. weird a little.

okok, i tried to look up for a new skin but i just can't seem to find one that i like. i've been searching for two whole days already.. but nothing seemd to strike my brains.

now now..i have icg,imc and mhl assignment to do and i still haven't done anything yet.. i'm dead..doom..whatever.. brains just isn't working.. somebody help me!!!

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