17 June 2004

yam cha

oh well, just taken my bath after returning home from a yam cha session with this 4 guys..haha

earlier william msged to ask if i was free . cos if i am he and wengfai would be coming over for a drink together.ok, i agreed. then after the arrived, i called lim out as well..4 of us ended up at the streets of connaught pasar malam and eventually at kfc!! haha..weng fai and william wanted air-con mah.and that's the only place that has mah..fine lor..

then halfway, darryl called..pity him, he couldn't catch up with his studies. so weng fai drove all of us to darryl's place as william wanted to have a 'talk' with darryl. oh well, all 5 of us ended up at dhurbar..haha, where else for a nice place and a nice talk. 5 of us there like mini ex-sktm gathering only.. we were laughing and talking about others [ mainly stupid stuff ] haha..

oh well, this is like the best birthday i ever had though it is only 5 of us because all this years i never celebrated my birthday except for when i was 5 i think. though it is nothing much to them, but to me, it is super. haha..hey you all, thanks for asking me out !! and to those who wished me, thanks a lot!! i never knew you all knew my birthdate.. including in chris kong..haha..

oh ya, he also called to apologise [ besides wishing me ] about the gift mingyi and i gave him for his birthday . he was out with james and he left it in his car and unfortunately, james's car got stolen and there goes the gift which he had no open at al!! haha, i told him that it is a mug [ yes, he knows it is a mug] that is written with the words ' the world's most sexiest man' haha..and at that moment [ i was at kfc when he called ], lim, william and weng fai thought i was crazy . well, kfc was quiet mah..and they didn't know what i was talking about and suddenly i mentioned those words..haha..they thought the call was from my boyfriend....haha..what a joke lar..

*psst..darryl seems to look more leng chai liao..and lim with his ns hair cut..darn funny..haha*

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