17 June 2004

today's ramblings

8.00am - schu's sms: birthday greeting and 'miss ur hair bitch'
8.10am - tkj's sms: wake up now cos we'll be going for breakfast first before to ktm
8.30am - tkj's dad and mom came and we [including tkj and laura] went for dim sum
9.30am - tkj's dad dropped us at ktm tasik selatan
9.32am - laura noticed a hole at tkj's pants. tkj quickly called her dad to turn back to change
9.50am - reached tkj's house for to change
10.30am - leave her house towards kl sentral but her dad ended up dropping us [she, laura and me] to midvalley
10.40am - dropped laura's luggage [she stayed over at tkj's house] at the information counter and head up to gsc
11.00am - bought tickets at student rate which is rm6 and waited for their other friends
11.10am - hsian huei and daphne arrived and they decided to head for food
11.20am - eat, talk, drink, and eat, talk drink session
12.30pm - paid the bill and head up to gsc as the movie starts at 12.50pm
2.30pm - show ended and went to carrefour to get laura's mum spaghetti
2.45pm - went to a herbal shop to get daphne's mum crystalised ginger [ search all over before we ended up at the right store]
3.00pm - daphne's driver dropped us [tkj,laura and me] at bangsar lrt while hsian huei followed her back
3.05pm - took the lrt to kl sentral to get to subang jaya
3.48pm - port klang's ktm arrived. boarded the train and subang jaya station here we come!!!!
4.15pm - we reached our destination!! laura's dad was waiting at the station and he dropped as at taylor's college [ main campus]
4.30pm - reached lt1 and there was the audition. no derrik in sight. he might have gone home. spa prez told us to do the dance first. tkj and i were like " what? dance? omg!!" oh well..went to lt2 for it
4.45pm - then came a few more, lt2's lights were off. and hip hop song was up and everyone was like 'clubbing' their way on stage..haha
5.00pm - went back to lt1 for the acting
5.20pm - my turn at last! script given. just read.
5.45pm - everything eventually finished..home!! mum was just outside waiting. she was there to pay my fees at about 4pm so she waited for us
6.30pm - home at last!!!!!!

me going to main campus was for the audiotion for the play 'hip hopera' as mentioned earlier in other entries. thus the hip hop dancing for the dance auditioning..

9.30pm - spa prez called and told me to come again for a second audition on monday at main campus from 3pm - chance maybe? hahaha

10.45pm - msg from john who wants to loan the xp cd.
11.00pm - john reached my house in yao loong's maroon wira. long time nv see both of them
11.30pm - up here on the net. login to mailbox, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, friendster and blogger..multi tasking here bebeh..haha
??.??am - offline... darn tired cos slept at 5.00am i think.spent 3 whole hours rolling on the bed..haha

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