28 June 2004

ps class!

okok..sorry for no updates..i'll update you more on friday on the issues and news of these past few days..

well, i'm TOO is public humiliation for me tomorrow. tomorrow's class for presentation skills [PS] is to either sing,dance ,speech or poetry...i got a feeling i mentioned this here before..oh well, anyway, i've got 2 songs on my hands now.. it is the famous "take my home, country roads" and "beautiful sunday". heard of it? haha..and i wonder if i should carry my guitar along. looks damn paiseh if i bring. but on the other hand, if bring i can still cover my paiseh-ness in a way right? but sadly, i still can't remember all the chords for those 2 songs yet.. darn... i hope tomorrow's 3 hour breaks works well for me...and i'm STILL thinking if i should carry baby taylor along.....

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