08 June 2004


*nervous* when is the postman going to deliver my results??!!! argh!!!! derrik and debbie had theirs already!! when is it my turn?? i'm nervous..praying that i don't fail. hopefully i get b- and above..*praying really hard* i don't want to resit for the paper or the subject!!!!

hip hopera audition is up!! it is at main campus from 3-5pm on june 10,11,16 and is it 17? anyway, there's a no-no to get a lead role haha..cos one would have to be able to SING , ACT and DANCE for that role.. and i believe and i'm very sure myself that I CANNOT DANCE!!! so let's just keep it to singing and acting..acting pulak it is better to get the script and i have zero idea where to get it because it is only found in huzir sulaiman's book...and i have no idea who this play writer is!! so, i guess i'll just have to stick to, to choose which song to sing. it is going to be an acapella [however do you spell it..argh.], have to choose one song that my voicebox can actually take! which means, no hitting high notes like mariah carey!! because i personally have deep voice, so singing something so high is a complete what songs are there that is moderate for me [i'm an alto..not a soprano, mind you..]

mom's not home til tomorrow!! she took the bus to taiping early this morning to see grandpa who is in the taiping general hospital for this thingy which i don't know what is the name for it..according to her, she'll be back by 3-4pm tomorrow as the bus leaves at about 10am plus.

oh well, got lots of housework to be done and my sister is still sleeping..and it is already 12pm!!! my youngest sis is sitting here next to me at the other computer playing theme hospital..pity her, she wanted to play the sims but all the sims cds is with john because he lend it...i wonder what had happen to news from him at all!!!


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