01 June 2004

missing him?

oh well, what can i say...nothing much for the updates actually..

i wonder why am i missing him. u know lar, that guy that i used to talk and then i stopped. missing him as a friend i suppose. i don't know. well, it is just that he is so used to have me miss calling him before that after some time of not miss calling and when i actually did, he would ask what happen to me and where have i been..oh well, what am i suppose to do? the other day when out in a gang also he still acts the same like before..oh well, think of him for what lar. better keep enough memory space for another... the other is up and going !!! hahaha

i miss this other fella too..hahaha i'm not telling who..cos later got people will sure inform him wan..blek..and i wonder if you know who you are..

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