22 June 2004

holiday ends!


darn happy. met all of them again. they were like," why never go genting that day with us?" well, sad to say,but i cant. aih..wasted, but next time i'll definitely go on holiday with that bunch. we rock wherever we in we rock the whole place cos we are too noisy that buildings might come collapsing down. hahaha

today, two classes. one is issues of media contents by miss usha devi. one whole course on issues for the whole semester when i myself have so many issues myself that i don't think i can handle it also..and the other for today is presentation skills by miss stella lim [ex-college study skills lecturer last semester]...

first task given by miss stella. presentation next week. do a 5-7 minute presentation of either singing, dancing, speech or poem. she did not state where the location is. but through past experiences of people and me being eye witness. it is definitely going to be a public place. and knowing that tcpj does not have enough space to run around like tcsj does, there's only one possibility. in front of the hospitality and tourism students' restaurant which is also in front of 2 mamak stalls, and 3 other makan stalls..this is a total disaster..haha..what an exercise for the beginning of the cours and there are definitely more to come until semester 2 ends which is way far in october..

now now..let just see what is waiting for me tomorrow then...

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