29 June 2004

happy!! is the happiest day of my life in a way!! i was so surprised that i wasn't even nervous though i had been nervous when the thought of having to perform at the courtyard at lunch time in front of 2 mamak stalls and 3 chinese stalls and the restaurant that the hospitality and tourism students use to do their practical..

found out that ms stella didn't timed us so i decided to sing only a song instead of two that would add up to approximately 5 minutes. well, i don't know why i picked the song 'beautiful sunday' to sing instead of 'take my home, country roads'. no one has heard of 'beautiful sunday' before...not surprised at all because it is an old song which i remember i last performed it when i was in std 6..haha..well, i didn't believe myself at all when i was out there singing out this song i actually move about rather than standing at a point..i'm the only one who moved all around singing besides derrik who was strumming his guitar to those bunch of seniors walking pass. even this baby girl walking with the mother also 'tak lepas' ish...

well, i was also surprised that i didn't feel nervous at thing which is NOT NORMAL today..must have been those jamming session and singing for fun session during the 3-hour break before the presentation.. everyone was singing all kinds of song at the student lounge. so, maybe that's how my nervousness got away..hmm...what a medicine..!!

hmm, loking forward for another ps class..this time, no more singing allowed. ms stella wants us to do speeches!!!! but no abortion or terrorism speeches..she's darn bored with it already because of last semester css class we had..hahah..imagine having to listen to about 70 plus students speaking on those 2 topics..gosh..bored to death...hahaha

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