30 June 2004

group 1's ps class

30 june 2004 - time really flies and it is already the end of,my,my

anyway, i went and watch group 1's presentation skills today. only managed to watch about 7 because of icg class. well, sylvia did cheers as in cheerleading ..and she was an member of the cheerleading team of her school. and guess what school she was in? sbu..small world, don't you think. hmm, widya sang mandy moore's crush, johnathan did a speech abt misconception of sumthing, adam did a speech on the misconception of mass comm students, helmi told about true love [ his true love, only did i find out later that the true love he was talking about was his girlfriend who passed away becoz of leukimia..sob sob], and then debbie sang sheila majid's lagenda, lily did a speech on sleep [ she wore her pyjamas plus stich bedroom slippers], and the best out of all i think..was soraya..the fact that she is a dancer, pretty obvious she did a dance.. and she was dressed up for it.. purple afro hair, black tee and pants, with a purple sequinned piece over her tee and the leggings of her pants.. i guess she's the only one who went out all the way for this.. well, she has honours and certs for

tomorrow's icg [ introduction to computer graphics ] class is cancel!! ms tessie is on leave!! yes..means only go for miss usha's class [issues on media contents] from 8-10am... and the plan of the whole class going to pyramid for a movie or something could be carried on!!! what else..hmm...

another thing..i got this feeling that there's something on going with me. i mean, i don't know how to say. anyway, at times when i bumped into ben i always look away and i didn't say a word to him. am i being harsh? gosh, i don't know why i am doing this. on the other hand, rey didn't reply to my last message. and he's always on sms mode on yahoo messenger... what's wrong with me...darn

today, i slept from like 3.30 to 7pm..haha..didn't know that i could actually sleep that long..and it the wind today was blowing hard and it rained.. i even thought of going to pasar malam just to look at some stuff since i haven't been there for quite some time though it is just behind my house. but i was too lazy to move my arse..haha...



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