16 June 2004

dead birthday

hmm.. this can't be it? imagine, today is your birthday and you've been just sitting here right in front of your computer. oh well, that is me alright...

nothing happened at al today. today is so dead. today = my birthday. today = dead. therefore my birthday = dead ..haha...what an equation.

guess what, in the entire household, my mother is the only one who happens to remember my birthday. i was rather surprise as she it because most of the time she always forgots where she puts stuff!!

anyway, tomorrow mingyi and i will be going for the audition for a college play called 'hip hopera'. i'll be singing ,i wonder if i still can sing cos i got this feeling that i'm going to come down with a sore throat. praying really hard now so that it does not effect my voice.i did not even attempt to sing today just in case i break my voice. aih, tomorrow's audition only starts at 3pm. imagine that, i'll definitely be stuck in the ktm jam when we are done. i just hope that is not so much people because tomorrow is the last day of audition and the audition has been running for like 3 days already. i just hope that everyone when for those 3 days and only a bunch of us left. that way we can finish faster and reach home earlier which will result us to not having a sardine sandwich jam at the ktm on our way back.. which is really unbearable...hahaha

aw no..i'm missing someone already..what can i do. we are like distance apart. only the airplane can bring us closer..hmm..

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