12 June 2004

com probz

okok..i know it has been sometime since i added something computer is giving me hell lotsa problems

anyway, i had been making cards for the past two days. nothing to do so i made cards and it looks like my mom loves it though i think it sucks. weird huh? i might post you one..if you give me your postal address..and that is what i actually email me your postal address now!

yang went for malaysian idol [11 june] but sadly he didn't made it..anyone check out to see if he is on tv ? because he told he that this person wanted to shoot him [as in tv not gun]..but i think i missed did anyone see him??? anyway, though he didn't make it..but i believe he did great! what can you say..a song by michael buble..jazzy rite?

do you people watch disney channel? the one on finding the hidden mickey? well, this is because out of nowhere, i found that my left arm as 5 white spots which are embossed.yes, you can actually feel the lumps.. and somehow 3 of those spots formed this particular mickey..told my sis about it and she thought i was crazy as i ask her to look for a mickey on my arm..until i told her it is there and pointed it out to her..her reaction was "oh my goodness"..mabel on the other hand ask me back if mom knows of it.. i wonder what are those spots..wasted don't have a picture on it..maybe i'll post the picture up tomorrow if i can get it done..and you'll see..hahahah

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