20 June 2004


hmm..nobody left me something to read..sob sob..hmmph...what happen for the past 2 days ar..let me see...

i tried sleeping earlier as early as 11pm, in bed by then..but only slept at about 1 or 2 something in the morning..i'm domed..too used to sleeping at that kinda hour then what am i going to do when classes start..sure suffering wan

been bored at home with nothing much to do. friday the 18th. stuck at home obviously. watch oprah [interview with lionel ritchie and his daughter nicole ritchie - first dad and daughter interview seesion] then dunno watch what crappy movie also on astro. and that's it lar..that day i practically watch tv lying on the sofa in different positions. haha

then for yesterday = saturday
as usual, mom's classes. nothing much happen also..i wanted to write a story for not mor ethan 1000 words and not less than 800 words, but no inspiration.. darn..and i want to finish it by early july. guess i'm doomed with my no inspiration brain here. if start college still in this condition, i am so dead.

today = sunday = father's day!!
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