24 May 2004

what a day!

entry for 22nd May 2004

now what did i do on saturday?

oh ya. morning spent at brickfields for girl guides. the presentation of the lids for limbs project and peace pack project

lids for limbs
it is a project where the collected ring tabs would be exchangedfor money to make artificial limbs for poor and landmine victims.The ring tabs will be sent to the Prosthesis Foundation at the Faculty of Medicine of the Chiengmai University in Thailand to make the artificial limbs.

peace pack project
Under the Peace Pack project, the goods consisting of stationery, soap, face towels and exercise books will be donated to children in war-torn countries.

and in the night..dinner time!!
went out with tai kor ka weng, ah sou sue lin [ i think that's her name] yee kor benny and sai lo ming yew,and also william..
went to kaki corner after so much of discussion where no one has any idea where to go..left about 10pm when someone said wanna go mcd instead..went to connaught mcd but it was full so we decided to head home cos tai lo and ah sou got homework to do..

so i and yee kor followed sai lo while tai kor and ah sou followed william.. and then crazy yee kor told sai lo to follow william since we don't know what to do eneded up in front of tai kor's house waiting for their arrival.

once william reached the house, we ask tai kor to get in sai lo's car..and we questioned him like we are robbing him like that..well, william saw the commotion, got out of his car and joined us in sai lo's car..what we were asking tai kor was that if that girl is his ... you seems like that girl i labeled her as ah sou earlier.

then yee kor suggest to catch a movie at leisure we went there [ william headed home cos he has sumthing up] ..aiyoh..reach there..parked liao..decided liao..then after yee kor came out from the washroom, he don't wanna watch we all ended up at home instead...

what a day!

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