24 May 2004

titiwangsa here i come

entry for 23rd may 2004

woke up early to get to tasik titiwangsa's stadium. was to meet mrs woon as brickfields so that she could fetch me there.
and so we went.. it is some hari belia thingy and there were supposed to be 20 of us..but only i turned up and yun har..but she was way a senior.. well reached there only to find out that the amount of 20 ppl was to line out like in a march for the menteri wilayah to see..gosh..luckily i didn't go out..alone..imagine..what a contigent man..haha..

then mrs woon fetched me sweet of her..

later after that went to midvalley to get my router which had some problems previously...and it looks like it is working healthily now..haha

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