21 May 2004

one week is gone

it has been one week. the holidays are nothing. i wish i didn't have them in the first place. mom misuse my holiday by asking me to do the housework.haha, and i thought i would be running wild. so far haven't been anywhere except to times square with john. accompany him to look for a job but end up with nothing but i found kong there are swatch. he just return from ns based in terengganu.

ok, i know i am bored. well, i am bored. theses 7 days i have been doing the laundry, folding clothes, cleaning up and down, watching tv, eating..but most of all, i'm definitely found lying across my couch in front of the tv. you can find me most of the time there obviously..haha

ok, i'm here's something to read.

.:: p e o p l e a r o u n d m e ::.

Your mum is - we can just talk abt anything and that is when she's in good mood. and if she's in bad mood. step further away..or rather RUN!!

Your dad is - the computer lifeguard!! esp when my sis brings the comp really down and he always ask me what i did when i did nothing at all..haha

Your parents are - are pretty okay

Your sister is - 1 is a total disaster and the other is a bit of this and careful of her..

Your brother is - u mean blooded bros? then i dun have one at all

Your crush is - is definitely someone from the opposite sex. hey, i'm straight mind you..

Your teachers - some are just great!! mr tan - thx for your add maths..shahbudin- ur funny chemistry karam- human behaviour rox!! oh ya, ms stella- college study skills@ english.. u rules!!

.:: s t u f f t h a t i h a v e ::.

Your school bag is - baby blue and white in colour

Your pencil case - an orange frog..most of you might have seen it before

Your PC is - under dad was fixing it..

Your wallet is - in a total mess cos i dun carry one out at times..

Your camera is - a manual one of $$$ for digital lar

Your mobile is - a 3610 which can only store 150 names both phone and card and is not enuff at all. and i can only keep 8 msgs out of the 10 msgs given..i wonder why

Your books are - it was suppose to be everywhere on saturday but i put them in the cupboards and shelves..i miss them as my sleeping partners.

Your accessories are - everywhere!!

Your sunglasses are - my 15th birthday gift from mom. by cyber networks

Your towel is - it was purple 2 days ago..and not it is yellow..

Your teddy is - teddy? i have a few!!

Your clock is - working ultraman figure..well, it was suppose to be my sis and it didnt wake her up so it is given to me and i can't tolerate alarm clocks ringing..

.:: w h a t i m w e a r i n g n o w ::.

Your shirt is - white with the words - the malaysian sign language and several cartoon pics

Your shorts/trousers is - black

Your shoes are - not wearing one..hey, i'm at home ler

Your jacket is - have one but dun wear it at the is freaking hot and who needs it service now..

Your socks are - in the drawer..and they are colourful!!

Your belt is - oh, my ranger belt is still serving me well after 5 years or is it 6 years

Your mind is - empty

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