14 May 2004

late night movie

mood : frustrated a little
song : this love - maroon 5
wish list : a digicam - i just want to have it
brain sez : hot! hot! hot!

did i mention to you about the movie we [ me,john, yao loong and ming yi] watch?..i think i did a little. well, we missed the 9.45pm van helsing [i personally would want to watch also. and so does john] at midvalley so we thought of watching it at 12.20am but then ming yi was afraid that her parents would scold so we ended up watching secret window which is schedule at 11.35pm. hmm, the movie was okay but it takes lots of understanding..

the story :"Mort Rainey (Depp), a writer just coming off of a troublesome divorce with his ex-wife, Amy (Bello), finds himself stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger (Turturro) who claims Mort stole his best story idea and just changed the ending."

and also, here's our movie stubs!

cool huh? it has our names on it..haha..for fun lar..

ok, john was supposed to drop us girls off first before he head to the police station at kl to do his report. but i told him that the highway he is using will pass by that police station. so not wanting him to go twice [ besides he doesn't know the exact place and i do ;P ], we agreed to follow him to the station. we went there, did his report, took the pictures and headed home. reached home at 3.00am..haha..luckily my dad didn't scold because i told him about the report and stuff...

oh ya, the accident happened at the tmn billion roundabout. this chinese lady banged him at the roundabout and not knowing it. john as usual, chased her down and stopped her to settle things. so, that is why he needs to do the report..besides he just called me earlier telling me he gave the wrong number plat of the chinese lady's car..haha..what a joke...he asked me if i want to follow him tomorrow..i wished i can but then tomorrow is a saturday and it is definitely NOT a good idea to go out on any saturday so i told him i can't. boy, he sound so down for a second..wish i could do something.

anyway, hope he gets better..come to think of it.. his car is brand new. about 1 month plus...hmm, all i can do is wait and receive news..besides, if said that if he is going yam cha tonight,he'll call......till then..tata...blek

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