24 May 2004

i'm in newspapers!!

entry for today!!!

first newspapers..just as i was about to start i got a sms from shu yi saying that she saw me in star newspaper for the girl guides event.. i was so surprised and i told her that it couldnt' be fast meh? it just happened on saturday..

and it is true!! i couldn't believe it myself..but it was an ugly pic to me..and it was on metro's cover page..the pic was so huge!!! argh
ok,here's the picture from the star's online hope it works is too small to notice the flaw..get hold of today's newspaper and you'll know..hahah..

and i was quoted as well [ i bulshitted a little..haha] here is what it said

"Girl Guide Melissa Wong, who is a Ranger from SMK Aminuddin Baki, was glad that the projects received overwhelming response.

“We started a month ago and told the Girl Guides in our school to collect as many things as possible. We spread the message by word of mouth and distributed flyers. The students responded well,” she said.

“This kind of charity project is different from others because we are giving them something useful and not just money.

“Throughout these years, I didn’t know that I could contribute in a small way to society by joining the association,” she added. "

haha...come to think of it..
the one that i said distributing flyers is an obvious bullsiht if you notice..hahah..

one other funny thing is when yang msged me telling that he saw me in the papers..he told me that his mom saw it first. i was lie," i only met your mom twice and she actually recongnized me?" haha..what a joke lar... ok lar..enouhg of this for now..blek

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