27 May 2004

i sold ice creams! first day and first time i get a hand on working outside part time some more..and guess what i am to do..- sell ice cream !! at nanyang siang pau cos they are having this angling and recreational outing ming yew and i are the ice cream sellers for 2 days out of the 4 days exhibition...

as a first timer, it is really fun..i'm serious..rm50 a day wor..from 1.30am to 8pm..ok what..just stand there and serve people who wants to purchased ice cream.not bad..we sorta joke more with our other colleagues who sells other stuff from nestle..well, ming yew and i are under the ice cream department, while the other 4 is under the maggi department and chocolate department mah...

phew, what a day man..hmm, so far out of the selling..if i remembered correctly that the modal is rm100..means we made rm347 today and in just one a way, it seems like it worths the rm50 per day there!! haha.. was actually surprised that mom actually let me out for work which never happens in my history of life until today..haha

too bad, msg-ed mrs yau and told her that i wont be going to hq to help her with the packing. so if no one's going tomorrow, i have to do it on saturday ..well, i'll be staying over from saturday til monday because of the patrol leader camp and i think i am helping to facilitate..aih..this is what you call, when there are no other people, melissa is always the one they call and is also always the one who is free to answer lend a helping hand..hahaha.....gosh, mrs yau left me with so much work..water and buns for the dbkl [ have to heat the buns and i dun think i know how to use that oven there] , sell kad kemajuan rm1.70each and then sell t-shirts [ long sleeve-rm15, short sleeve-rm14] ..what else ar...her cupboard got this and that.gosh..i hope i am not the only there on that date cos i'll be dead for sure..

oh well, pretty tired..i want to sleep now but i just ate..well, i guess judging from my condition, i think i can sleep even in my full stomach though i know that it is not a good idea ..but i can't help it!!!!


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