26 May 2004

i miss SAB

oh well, planned to drop by sab yesterday but then raymond called this morning saying that they might have PA class that ends at 1pm and they finish school at i told him that maybe i'll drop by another day like erm..friday? hope can lar..cos after the holidays, proper classes will be starting better take action fast!!

so since didn't get to go sab, when to rissareen craft gallery in ampang [ mom's kawan's place] bought decoupage papers and went home..spent about 1 1/2 hours there.the staff there is just slow lar...aih.. tak efisien offence

oh and my flu since yesterday is still with me now here while i type i guess this means that i'm falling sick soon...this is what happens if a flu stays too long in me, the next think i know is that i'll be sick..darn...

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