05 May 2004

i miss my bloggie!!

oh blog, just how i missed you today!!..maybe because something happened and i want to pour it out that is why i really miss you.

well, to tell you *psst..don't go telling people or'll know*, i had this idea of joining malaysian idol [ change that to malaysian plz] all this while and i know mom would definitely be i thought of trying it again and i said it to her..and she was like.."u think u can ar? there's no many people out there especially those that attended vocal classes, so chances of you getting something is zero. stay at home only lar." ..i was so upset about this.. being unsupportive is one thing but saying it this way really hurts ...gosh...i guess, everything i want to do will be just a fantasy in my mind and never will it be a reality.

oh well, tomorrow the exam begins!!! BCS practical will be up first and next comes CT...i'm going to die during CT paper. i haven't finish reading all the materials and even if i do manage to finish all in a day, i'll never manage to understand what i read .. this is me..i'm serious...someone out there! you can now self elect yourself to help handle my funeral. i don't want to be buried six feet under , all you have to do is to cremate me and then throw my ashes in any of the most beautiful beaches we have in this world .. i'll really appreaciate it..thank you so much!!

i guess i have to go now and either sleep or continue reading my 2nd reading material out of i don't know how many [ definitely more than 5] til i sleep...


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