13 May 2004



mood : sleepy but happy
song : here without you - 3 doors down. using dvrplayer on the computer to listen to!
wishlist : magic finger -> to turn my dustfilled and messy room to be sparkiling clean
brain sez : what am i going to do for holidays?

exams are officially over and the holidays are here!! ONE month..who would have thought of it.haha..but exams was a murder. i didn't have enough sleep and i practically did not sleep at all throughout the night before my last day. and lucky that i was not sleeping in the exam hall.. haha..

lunch..mum didn't buy lunch for us [me and my sisters mabel and melinda]. she told me to take mabel out for lunch on the way walking back from school and buy for melinda too. end up both of us were to lazy to walk so we cooked up a meal. mabel called it the 'happy meal' exactly like mcd cos we had bread burger and milo..haha..and our bread burger isn't like a piece of meat in between the bread. our wonderful burger was made out of the following :

1. tuna
2. fried egg
3. cheese
4. obviously bread ..

we just put them all together and that's what mabel called her 'happy meal' plus the milo...well, she was obviously afraid to fixed that meal fearing mom would killed us if we use the tuna without goodness..haha..what a joke.. well, at least she was happy with her lunch.. or else, she would definitely be angry with me..haha

hmm, what else? oh ya, john phoned me just now asking me if tmn midah has a police station or not? i was like," there isn't one there." he was at ampang and i told him to try the cheras police station . he even asked me for a movie tonight and i didnt have the chance to ask him why he wants to go to the police station. anyway, i told him if i can go out with him tonight, and surprisingly,she allowed. i'm still very surprised though.

ooo..i also found this site that offers quizzes like quizilla... i took this quiz..and ended up with this result.

well, i can see that the result is quite true in a way. those guys used me. i'm so sad.. how can they do that when i trust them so much. new friends made are also the same. i know i can click faster with guys. first question ask is the normal introduction and the following day, "you know this girl in your class. i wonder what is her name" ...gosh, i understand that he wants to make friends. but hey, why not he just go over there like what he did to me. i felt so used...this is not the first time or is it the second time cos it is the i-dunno-how-many-times already...
and it is just so hard for me to say no.because i will feel bad after that...argh!!

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